Property Investing Foundation Course 

Our course is designed to guide you through all aspects of property investing. If you are new to property investing and want to avoid making the usual rookie mistakes, our course can help you.

Teaching you everything you need to know to start investing in property

Our Property Investing Foundation Programme includes 20 modules to give you everything you need to accelerate your property investing journey with confidence.

Also Included

The training modules provide you with the necessary knowledge and understanding, but you'll also be needing additional support to help you secure your first deals and grow in confidence.

Contracts & Templates

Save thousands of pounds by using my own legally binding contracts for securing your deals and joint ventures.

Access to 'Power Team'

You'll have access to all of Bronwen's trusted professional contacts including Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers & trades.

What we'll be covering

Learning how to become a successful property investor and be able to quit the rat race is much more than just learning about individual property strategies.

  • Creating a strong mindset

    When learning anything new you'll be faced with challenges along the way. We'll tackle these together.

  • Building your support team

    Working with others will accelerate your success in property. I'll show you how to find your power team.

  • How to retire early

    Is quitting your 9-5 job and having more time to focus on other things in life important to you?

  • The right strategy for you

    It's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of different strategies. We'll decide which is best for you.

  • Tax tips

    It's important to understand about your tax liabilities before you embark on your property journey.

  • How to fund your deals

    Our courses introduce you to new ways of working with others and sharing the profits.

Hi, I'm Bronwen Vearncombe, and I'd like to thank you for visiting the Property Investing Foundation. 

Not long ago in 2014, my husband John and I were in the corporate ‘rat race’ – commuting to London and the Isle of Wight respectively, rarely seeing each other Mon - Fri and recovering at weekends. That's all changed now...

What our clients say

Bronwen has worked with many satisfied clients who wanted to create more freedom in their lives through property

Alison Huges

Hughes-Lewis Consulting

"I saw Bronwen speak at a Women in Business event and immediately warmed to her personality. Bronwen’s course is really accessible and easy to understand. We have just completed on a cottage in West Sussex which we are doing up to be a holiday let. We’re very pleased and excited to be doing this and Bronwen’s course gave us the confidence to follow this process through.."

Mike Seldon

Property Investor, Hampshire

"Bronwen has been extremely supportive and inspirational.
While remaining extremely professional in her own work she always has time to provide help and support on the community forum using her knowledge gained from her own investments! Bronwen energetically hosts the PIN network meeting which brings together a variety of property investors, businesses and services from all across the South Coast."

Ivan Ivanov

Property Specialist, Southampton

"​Bronwen led the Mastermind Local last year, and it was clear to see the results of the members. 

She can show you the way of Financial independence. 

She herself was in the Top five of the PIN Mastermind - so she definitely knows what she is teaching. 

I am on the Mastermind myself this year, and she is definitely one of my top mentors."

Foundation Course

If you are new to property investing and want to avoid making the usual rookie mistakes, our complete 20 module course will teach you all you need to know.

7 Starter Modules

  • How To Choose The Right Investing Area

  that you can be focused and able to make fast decisions 


  • How To Work With Estate Agents

  that you can build trust and find opportunities faster 


  • How To Fund A Purchase

  that you are confident and able to fund more properties


  • Mortgages Made Easy

  that you can understand the different products and be ready to apply


  • How To Set Up Your Business

  you appear professional and stand out from the crowd

  • How To Assess If A Deal Stacks

  you can quickly compare deals and understand different strategy options


  • Tax Essentials

  you understand your specific property tax position and blow away the myths 



6 Intermediate Modules

  • Refurbishments Explained

  you the knowledge of the critical areas of success and top tips to successful projects

  • Multi-Let Strategy Explained


     ...with full detailed information on this complex but high return strategy, also known as HMO 

  • Holiday Lets Explained


    ...setting out the details of why it can be tax efficient and high returns but high effort, also known as serviced accommodation

  • Finding Investors Made Easy

  that you can continue to invest and grow your portfolio faster


  • Joint Venturing Made Easy


    ... so that you can benefit from sharing skills and reducing risk


  • Development Explained

  that you can understand the risks and how to consider this as a future strategy


7 Expert Modules

  • Spotlight On Property Tax


    ...and why buying in limited companies isn’t always the right way (with Simon Misiewicz) 


  • Spotlight On Mortgages


    ...explaining the common myths and latest market position  (with Simon Hodgson)


  • Spotlight On Legals


    ...highlights the top 10 most common legal mistakes people make (with Tim Bishop)

  • Spotlight On Lettings


    ...will help understand the complex world of tenant contracts and landlord responsibilities (with Jenny Mulholland)

  • Spotlight On Buying For Refurbishments


    ...and how buying through this national purchasing group gives massive savings (with Paul Hilliard LNPG )

  • Spotlight On SSAS Pensions


     ...will open up your awareness of this entrepreneurial pension and its benefit in the property investing area (with Kevin Whelan)

  • Personal Flow And Wealth Dynamics


    ...will help you understand various skill types and how this can benefit working with others in your business (with Christian Rodwell)

Property Investing Foundation



One time payment


Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason after enrolling in any of the Property Investing Foundation courses you decide that this isn't for you, simply contact me directly within 30 days with your reasons for wishing to cancel and I will happily issue a full refund.

Bronwen Vearncombe

Founder, Property Investing Foundation

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